The Team at Board One Chess has been a partner in the development of my children's' chess and tournament acumen.  Both of my boys became interested in chess through the chess club at school (which Board One associates help facilitate.)  When they decided to compete in tournaments, we pursued private coaching in order to ensure they were appropriately prepared.  Coach Steve has been instrumental in the evolution of my kids as chess players primarily through private lessons (although he currently has them in club at school and has taught them for years at camps.) Coach Rita also has been a positive influence as they have gained knowledge and experience.

What is different at Board One Chess? I truly value their approach to the whole child. Playing chess naturally feeds a student's brain, and that is valuable in and of itself. However, cultivating what's necessary for success at any level builds priceless life skills in a child. Board One coaches help foster important traits like:

  • Perseverance

  • Learning from mistakes, learning to value them as opportunities for growth

  • Winning (and losing) gracefully

  • Thinking critically in pressure situations

  • Thinking ahead, planning a strategy

  • Maintaining flexibility and reacting appropriately when the planned strategy isn’t working

Our children genuinely enjoy their interactions with the coaches.  I'm thrilled they are also gaining skills that will benefit them throughout life while learning a game they will be able to play forever.

- Melanie Harden, Berkeley Prep


Coach Steve has taught my son and daughter chess for several years at Carrollwood Day School. This year I became the parent volunteer at the school and I’ve had the pleasure to work with Coach Steve. He is knowledgeable and caring instructor. He is excellent at working with a large group of students and easily creates a positive learning environment. He has the ability to individualize instruction with a large group of students. I would highly recommend him to teach chess in a school environment or for a child to receive one on one instruction.

- Nadia Combs, Carrollwood Day School


Steve Crookston has been our school’s Chess Teacher for many years. He is an engaging, fun teacher who is extremely popular with his students. His class size has grown every year with now a full waiting list. Parents and children enjoy his manner and our Chess Club is a captivating time for all!

- A. Linton-Evans, Montessori’s Children’s House Hyde Park